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Dave Coleman  (Principal / Consultant)

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When you’ve seen one board, you’ve seen one board.  Because every organization is different, and because people are different, so are their boards.  Furthermore, every sector of nonprofits has its own unique needs, membership make-up, and ways of doing things.  Arts groups, social service agencies, and schools are all different; so too are Christian ministries because their foundation is built on the faith and values that drive and support their mission.   Another factor that makes a difference is where an organization is in its history, from start-up to mature, or to one that is at risk of decline.


The BoardTrek approach recognizes these differences as we offer to help guide the development of your board into the future.  We custom tailor our 12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards to each situation, using a blend of training, facilitation, coaching, counsel, and print, in a way that leads you to take action steps that will result in valuable changes.


We invite you to take a look at our list of best practices and our philosophy of sustaining excellence through an active and ongoing board development process.  

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Every Board is Unique