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THE BOOK:  Board Essentials

From Andrew/Wallace Books, a practical and engaging BOARD HANDBOOK presenting 12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards 114 pages.


Bring your board together around governing essentials, and it will change your organization for the better.

In a comprehensive and engaging manner, Dave Coleman presents 12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards that will benefit your organization’s CEO and its board of directors.  Whether you need a refresher or a new start, this volume gets at the essentials, and sets the stage for thought provoking discussion and practical action.  This book belongs in the hands of every one of your board members.

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With your order of 10 or more copies of Board Essentials, we’ll send you a FREE copy of the Board Maximizer Learning Guide and access to a set of Tools and Templates that all become part of your own BOARD MAXIMIZER KIT.  A small sum of money + the Maximizer Kit + your commitment + your time = Big Results!  So order 10 or more, one for each of your board members and perspective members…..and the kit is yours!