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Every organization and every board is different.  For whatever reason, it is sometimes not possible to structure a particular board in the exact ways that best practices might suggest.  That is not the end of the world.  It is only a reminder that there is more to board effectiveness than getting the organizational structure “right.”  However your board ends up being organized, there are three fundaments that you should work toward:  structural purity (which we just said may not be possible), governing clarity (which clears the fog), and relational health (a reminder that it is about people).  The challenge is to get the right blend of all three.

The Right Blend of the Right Ingredients






The Right Blend of the Right Ingredients

A – accountability

C – committment

T – trust

STRUCTURAL PURITY – “Organizational structure is important.  Yet even the best structure is not the reason an organization exists.  Structure is only a means.” – John Carver


RELATIONAL HEALTH – “Many people seem to feel that a good board structure enables high performance.  This is simply not so.  What’s crucial is the quality of our personal relationships.” – Max De Pree


GOVERNING CLARITY – “Within the context of making an organization healthy, alignment is about creating so much clarity that there is as little room as possible for confusion, disorder, and infighting to set in.” – Patrick Lencioni


AT THE HEART OF BLENDING THESE THREE INGREDIENTS IS THE WILLINGNESS TO ACT: To be accountable, to be committed, and to be willing to trust each other.  Accountability, Commitment, and Trust.